Surrey, UK


Branding, Editorial, Printmaking

As a designer I enjoy working with tactile elements. I love to push my design further than the screen, experimenting with new and traditional print techniques and handmade elements. I am heavily influenced by nature and it carries through to my design and other passions such as photography and travelling.
this is junk mail.
These posters are made solely from ad-mail. It is not a celebration of their design and style, but a comment on the way we excessively consume paper and let it go to waste. The aim is to raise awareness of overconsumption of paper, specifically with what we do with unwanted junk mail, and to get people thinking about what they can do with waste paper. We can do so much with the amount of paper that is put through our letter boxes. The problem is not the leaflets, coupons, and newspapers, but the millions of trees that are cut down to produce them.
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