Oxfordshire, UK


Advertising, Branding, Editorial

I am a passionate graphic designer looking for an innovative way to communicate a message through print and digital. My work aims to have conceptual depth to connect powerfully to audiences through creative detailing.
the yellow wallpaper
Spoken words are an expressive tool; we as designers understand the mighty influence of words and the communicative authority. ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a short, compelling novel by author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The books tonality and expressive written nature make for an imaginative depiction of psychological illness and domestic control. The series of posters and idents are designed for the viewers to visually immerse themselves with the discourse through promotional tools for this year’s Hay Festival. It visually illustrates the unsettling curiosity and tension of the narrator as she slowly loses her confrontation with her mental affliction. The series visually embodies the narrator’s written words through relativity dark, typographic imagery inspired by the Bauhaus light experiment.
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