Woking/Bournemouth, UK


Conceptual Design, Editorial, Illustration

I am a thoughtful, enthusiastic designer, looking to specialise in illustration, editorial or conceptual design. I would also consider myself an aspiring writer, particularly interested in the history, theory and philosophy of contemporary art and design.
practical simplicity
Most of us make our lives far more complicated than they need to be, resulting in stress, anxiety and discontentment. The project encourages people to recognise the personal benefits of actively living a simpler life and adopting a more minimalistic and less materialistic mindset. Brought together in the form of an exhibition guide, I have designed a series of interactive installation pieces that conceptually emphasise the importance of decluttering and simplifying life in a number of ways. By offering insight into this attitude, it will empower people to engage with methods of practical simplicity to improve their quality of life, enable them to achieve increased productivity, and discover greater clarity, calm and contentment.
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