Brentford, UK



Branding, Fine Art & Curation, Filmmaking

I inherently want to ask questions and I believe that sometimes that it is better than proposing solutions. I inspire to create things that move people and make them laugh. I see myself as being somewhere between Kurt Schwitters and Jerry Seinfeld.
what you missed
What You Missed is a proposed installation in Trafalgar Square that looks at our addiction to smartphones and poses the question ‘are we missing what is around us?’. The installation features three anamorphic layered photographs made into rooms. These rooms represent the distance we have walked while looking down at our phones and lets us walk into these memories that we may have lost.
Layered Photograph of Nelson's Column in Summer Layered Photograph of National Gallery Layered Photograph of Trafalgar Fountain What you missed design installation illustration What you missed magazine advert page 1 What you missed magazine catalogue middle pages turning What you missed magazine catalogue middle pages What you missed magazine catalogue more notice less notification what you missed polaroid