Canterbury, UK



Editorial, Illustration, Printmaking

I am an enthusiastic designer with a passion for colour, shape and composition. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the outdoors, from which I take a lot of my inspiration.
whatever happens
Whatever Happens is an exploration of process that challenges the status quo of perfectionism in the art and design world. It challenges my own perception of – and obsession with – perfection, through the act of embracing the intuitive practice of traditional printmaking methods and the unforeseen results that can be born from this. The project not only includes the seemingly successful outcomes of this process, but also all of the mistakes, imperfections and happy accidents that occurred along the way. The journey has been documented further through a written stream of consciousness that exposes the rational and irrational thoughts behind the process. The results are presented as a body of work that exposes the entire project in its natural form.
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