Kettering, UK



Editorial, Illustration, Typography

Over the past three years I have refined my skills as a visual communicator. I have an innate drive to take a hand-crafted approach to design, which complements the digital abilities I have gained through the course.
excuse me
Excuse Me is a project about asking strangers for directions. At a time when two thirds of the UK own a smartphone the convenience of apps such as Google maps makes getting from A to B reliable and easy, but what about when signal is lost? Then we must revert to the old fashioned alternative of asking a real life human being for directions. Asking a stranger for directions is a vulnerable act and it poses a challenge to this unfortunate passer-by; to tap into their mental map and relay the required information in a comprehensive way. Be it informal and even inaccurate, this approach can give us a more colourful description of place. So the next time you find yourself lost, all you have to say is: Excuse Me.
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