Stratford-upon Avon, UK


Branding, Editorial, Typography

Unlike my work, I am not unique; as I have an identical twin. However, my drive to succeed and leave you remembering my name is. Over the last past three years I have developed a real love for typography and will pursue this after I graduate.
process and transformation
Process and Transformation is a typographic exploration into the physical and digital worlds. It understands past events and artefacts and looks at how they can be applied to current, contemporary graphic design. The project consists of two experiments that are centred on my love of making. Inquiring into notions of craftsmanship, collaboration with the machine and the digital impact on typography. Experiment one ‘Subvert’ is a type design project, focusing on the relationship between the physical and digital codes of letterforms; exploring how they come together. Experiment two ‘The Physicality of the Unseen’ builds on experiment one by looking closer into the invisible digital language.
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