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BA (Hons) Visual Communication
The Arts University Bournemouth

Our final_final_final.show playfully reflects the file naming conventions we adopt as students. It is a nod to what we have learnt about the discipline of the design process; the infinite developments and refinements required to bring a concept to life and effectively connect to an audience. Just when you think it’s the final version, it’s time to graduate and move on.

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Visual Communication
The Arts University of Bournemouth,
BH12 5HH

Awards and Achievements

ISTD Student Awards 2016
The Undiscovered Country:

Religion; way of life
Nathan Connor

Reciprocal Recollection
Nathan Singh

A Life’s Work:

Hot Metal to Phototypesetting
Ralf Renz Maniego

A Life’s Story
Charlie Phipps

RSA Student Awards 2016
Waste Not, Want Not (Runner-Up)
Sally Finnigan


Course Team
Scott Blackmore
Hannah Byles
Jeanne Cummins
Sally Hope
Rich Hurst
Sarah James
Laura Walker